Hate crime

Hate crime

A criminal act that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds is known as hate crime.

These acts are based on ignorance, prejudice, discrimination and hate. They have no place in an open and democratic society.

Racism and religious crime

This is harassment or violence motivated (wholly or partly) by hostility towards members of a racial or religious group because of their membership of that group.

Certain offences, including assault, harassment, criminal damage and public order offences can be prosecuted by the police as racially or religiously aggravated offences.

Where there is evidence of racial or religious aggravation in other offences, the offender faces a harsher sentence than if he or she were found guilty of a non-racial or religious crime.


Homophobia and transphobia

The homophobic or transphobic element of any crime is a serious aggravating feature. We are determined to play our part in reducing crime by bringing offenders to justice.

Disability hate crime

We want disabled victims and witnesses (and their families and communities) to know that we understand how serious this type of crime is.

Feeling of being unsafe or unwelcome, from shunning and rejection to violence, harassment and negative stereotyping, have a significant negative impact on disabled people.

We are aware of the way that disability hate crime affects the wider community through undermining disabled people's sense of safety and security. This is why we take disability hate crime very seriously.

How do I report hate crime?

You can report by:

Telephone: 0191 278 8600

Email: safeliving@yhn.org.uk

You can also report hate crime directly to Northumbria Police by dialling 101 (999 in an Emergency) or Stop Hate UK

For more information please visit www.stophateuk.org

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