Damp and Mould Assistance

Damp and Mould Assistance

Are you concerned about dampness, condensation or mould growth in your home?

We know that this can be a concern for many of our customers and we want you to know that we are here to help. We want you to feel safe and happy in your home and we are committed to making this happen.

To make it easier for you to ask questions, raise concerns or report any dampness, condensation or mould growth in your home, we have a dedicated team in place to offer you advice, support and, if necessary, a full inspection of your home. If a problem is identified, we will work with you until the problem is resolved. All you have to do is contact us by:

  • Email - dm@yhn.org.uk
  • Phone - 0191 277 4780 (Monday-Friday 8.30am-4pm)

If you have previously reported a problem regarding dampness, mould growth or condensation but haven’t heard back from us yet please don’t worry – we will be in touch as soon as we are in a position to book in the recommended works from your survey.


Our approach to dampness and mould

Our approach is to identify, record and react.

When you report dampness or mould growth to us we will:

  • Organise a home visit to determine the level of the problem. The technical surveyor who visits will carry out a survey of your property which includes:
    • An assessment of the structure of the property to see if this has caused the damp. For example a roofing or guttering repair may be required.
    • Checking the level of humidity and providing advice on reducing condensation. You will be provided with a humidity monitor to help you monitor and manage the levels of humidity in your home.
    • Checking extractor fans are working as they should.
    • Carrying out a Housing Health and Safety Rating System assessment. This is a technical survey to ensure your home is safe. This will involve taking photos of the problem to help us prioritise those cases which are in most need of repair work.
    • Providing advice to help you manage any further condensation in your home
    • Once any repair work is carried out we will contact you again within 6 months to ensure any work we have carried out is successful.

Ask us for a humidity meter

To help you prevent dampness, condensation and mould growth, we can provide you with a humidity meter.

Humidity meters can be placed in rooms where you feel you get a lot of condensation (such as the bathroom or kitchen), or which feel cold, to notify you when temperature levels are getting low or humidity levels are getting high. They are free, available to all customers and you can request one by contacting us by:

  • Email - dm@yhn.org.uk
  • Phone - 0191 277 4780 

Repairs staff also carry a supply of humidity meters with them so if you receive a repair visit for any reason you can ask if they have one.


Help prevent condensation in your home

For useful information about how you can help prevent condensation please watch the following video by clicking here and click here to read some top tips. 


Worried about heating your home?

We know many of our customers are worried about heating their homes and staying warm.  Please don’t be scared to ask us for help as we have lots of information that can help you. Click here to read more. 

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